Telegestioni e Monitoraggio



Remote control allows us to check the products, the equipment and facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; it can create, if necessary, alarms with prompt notifications, in order to ensure optimal maintenance of products and to take an immediate action in case of reactivation.
The plant is connected to a dedicated phone line, which will enable our technicians to view with few mouse clicks the conditions of your system and related equipment. This management allows us to not disturb the Customer, preventing the alerts.
In the new cooling equipment, the remote management is a fundamental prerogative to keep the system in the best working conditions, providing long-term warranties.
We can install monitoring systems on existing plants, offering modular solutions depending on your needs.
From our operative center we monitor constantly all our systems and we organize the technical maintenance teams in order to manage the optimization and reactivation activities.

Remote monitoring allows us to give a full service to the Customer, providing a saving in terms of maintenance costs.<