FOCUS: CO2 plants



We offer refrigeration systems of last generation, with low environmental impact and high energy saving. The CO2 is in fact a natural inert gas, considered ecological, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and with high cooling efficiency.

Below the main advantages of a CO2 system:

  • Attention to the environment and the environmental impact.
  • Use of natural refrigerant gas..
  • Reduction of gas emission, against the global warming.
  • Ozone-depleting potential (ODP) is zero.
  • Real energy savings.
  • Low average temperatures and high coefficients of performance.

Compared with a similar system that use traditional HFC refrigerants, these systems offer maximum efficiency, especially when the profile of the outside temperature is favorable, and if the refrigeration system is optimized as in the following case:

  • Evaporators for showcases and cold rooms correctly sized for the transcritical or subcritical pressures;
  • Systems conform to Pressure Equipment Directive PED through the use of special designed components;
  • Copper or steel pipes for transcritical or subcritical pressure according to the distribution system;
  • Safety valves chosen to protect piping and evaporators in case of power failure for a long period;
  • Very high quality of the machines supplied and the supply chain.


REFSYSTEMS moved towards these new systems, making possible the change of technology and refrigerant in the Italian refrigeration food.
We made the first plants in 2013 by facing and winning this challenge.

We have technical teams highly specialized in this field, that guarantee the best results in terms of quality, energy saving and investment return.